What is World Nativ?

World Nativ is a global community of innovators, creatives, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs collaborating and sharing knowledge. The World Nativ platform unleashes creativity and potential through entrepreneurship and personal development. Through our Lifestyle Business Accelerator, Digital Marketing Accelerator, Vision Masterminds, Workshops, and Global Networking, we encourage bold ideas, deep connections, and adventure.

What We Believe

We believe human potential is limitless. We believe in the diversity of ideas and gifts to contribute to the whole. We believe in the power of community and what we can create together. We believe the path of entrepreneurship should be fun and not done alone. Our community is highly collaborative with mind-storming, resource sharing, and unique experiences all focused around building personal and professional growth. We integrate elements of lifestyle design and entertainment throughout our events and programs by bringing in musicians, inspiring speakers and mindset experts.

There is an ignited feeling you get when surrounded by individuals driven to create. We believe that when we come together our visions to innovate are magnified.

Currently, we host our live events and accelerator programs in San Diego, California. By utilizing technology our plan this coming year is to share these resources and build our network with entrepreneurs around the world.

We are excited to be connecting great minds through community, technology, and entrepreneurship.